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Nicole Clark

Audiologist Nicole Clark - Because Experience Counts

When health care practitioners need audiological support, they go to The Oakville Hearing Centre's advanced technology experts. Nicole Clark is a proven professional with the training and experience to handle most hearing health care issues. She has provided training seminars about hearing aid technology to Audiologists across Canada. Nicole has assisted other Audiologists fit hearing aids on 'difficult to fit' patients.

Your Care Comes First at The Oakville Hearing Centre

At The Oakville Hearing Centre you can be certain that you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and care.

We know that hearing is about more than sound alone, it's about quality of life. Our skilled, full-time Audiologists provide hearing tests using cutting edge technology followed up by a thorough explanation of the results. Referrals are not necessary, you can call us yourself to book an appointment.

Our Audiologists assess your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget to find the best technology to satisfy your unique needs.